Colour Chess – 1st World Championship

A massive thank you to the Mind Sports Olympiad team for hosting us for this event yesterday at the JW3 in London and a special thank you to Alain Dekker for his indispensable support in running the event.

We were incredibly pleased at the turn-out and how much people enjoyed playing; we feel honoured that such high ranking Chess players took the time to enter. It was amazing to watch Colour Chess being played at such a high level, with incredibly complicated networks of inter-dependant threats being generated and seeing colour control being integrated so successfully into traditional Chess strategy.


A massive congratulations and thank you to all of our players and particularly to the first World Champion of Colour Chess, Martyn Hamer!

Final standings:

(Swiss pairing, 5 rounds of 12m + 5)

  Colour Chess WC 2018  
  @MSO London  
1 Martyn Hamer 4.5
2 Ankush Khandelwal 4
3 Saravanan Sathyanandha 4
4 Natasha Regan 3
5 David Sedgwick 3
6 William Taylor 3
7 Alain Dekker 3
8 James Heppell 3
9 Tim Hebbes 3
10 Steven Coles 2
11 Edmund Smith (JNR) 2
12 William Faulks 2
13 Nick Faulks 2
14 Jake Remus (JNR) 2
15 David Jameson 2
16 Tai Remus (JNR) 1.5
17 Ariella Remus (JNR) 1