*Now Available*

You can order your copy of ‘Colour Chess + Lure’ from our shop or find out more about it here.

A coloured board creates a number of completely new creative ways to play the traditional game of Chess. Each one allows you to apply your existing Chess skills, but you will have to think in entirely new ways.

Also introducing ‘Lure’, an entirely new game of mass manoeuvring, blocking and sacrifice.


Stak Bots – A highly versatile, chaotic little card game

Stak Bots – Breakout – A fiendish puzzle game with over 230 levels!

Stak Bots – Bloks – A physics puzzler featuring a whole host of Bots!


Cadavers – A co-operative card game collaboration with Mad Robot Comics

This is in playtesting at the moment, we’re hoping to share it later this year…