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Get the newly updated free Colour Chess mobile app!

Learn to play with the new AI and contextual in-game help


Colour Chess won the Mind Sports Olympiad’s Game of the Year award!

Colour Chess App : Free on iOS and Android

Test your skills online or play against a friend on the same device.


Colour Chess + Lure : Tabletop Game

Award-winning collection of Chess variants using the logic of a coloured board.

Includes the original strategy game Lure that Colour Chess evolved from



Stak Bots – Battling Robots Card Game

A highly versatile, chaotic little card game

Stak Bots – Breakout

A fiendish puzzle game with over 230 levels! (PC/Mac)

Stak Bots – Bloks

A physics puzzler featuring a whole host of Bots! (Web browser game)