3rd Annual Colour Chess World Championship @MSO

It was great to be back as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad and their line-up this year, as with the recent changes to the app we were able to facilitate the tournament online. 

It was a very different feel to the event than being in the room with people, with the usual buzz of people frantically engaged in the game replaced by the laptop’s fan. On the plus side it meant some players who could not normally make the event were able to participate and we had our highest turn-out so far!

Increased accessibility meant there was some tough competition for the top spot, with many hard-fought matches. 

In the end, Saravanan Sathyanandha took the title of Colour Chess World Champion 2021, followed closely by Natasha Regan and Maciej Brzeski. Congratulations! 

You can see a reconstructed match between the top two finishers below:

Congratulations to all of our competitors, and thank you for taking part! Full results below:

Colour Chess – 1st World Championship

A massive thank you to the Mind Sports Olympiad team for hosting us for this event yesterday at the JW3 in London and a special thank you to Alain Dekker for his indispensable support in running the event.

We were incredibly pleased at the turn-out and how much people enjoyed playing; we feel honoured that such high ranking Chess players took the time to enter. It was amazing to watch Colour Chess being played at such a high level, with incredibly complicated networks of inter-dependant threats being generated and seeing colour control being integrated so successfully into traditional Chess strategy.


A massive congratulations and thank you to all of our players and particularly to the first World Champion of Colour Chess, Martyn Hamer!

Final standings:

(Swiss pairing, 5 rounds of 12m + 5)

  Colour Chess WC 2018  
  @MSO London  
1 Martyn Hamer 4.5
2 Ankush Khandelwal 4
3 Saravanan Sathyanandha 4
4 Natasha Regan 3
5 David Sedgwick 3
6 William Taylor 3
7 Alain Dekker 3
8 James Heppell 3
9 Tim Hebbes 3
10 Steven Coles 2
11 Edmund Smith (JNR) 2
12 William Faulks 2
13 Nick Faulks 2
14 Jake Remus (JNR) 2
15 David Jameson 2
16 Tai Remus (JNR) 1.5
17 Ariella Remus (JNR) 1