Stak Bots – Breakout

“A cute addictive little puzzle game… a great way to exercise your brain.” – Critical Twits Review

Available now on PC & Mac. Click below! 

Destroy the enemy! Free your friends!

Breakout is a deceptively simple puzzle game based on the Stak Bots tabletop card game, where you have to utilise the myriad of different Bot abilities and effects, and use them in combination with attacks to destroy the enemy Bots. Along the way you will free your allies, who will join you in the fight, but the timing of when you choose to free them can be crucial.


Campaign Mode: 20+ Hrs to complete (without getting perfect scores)

Featuring 230+ levels broken down into different sets, learn how to use each of the uniquely functioning 45 Bots in turn and then apply your new knowledge in the following levels.

Some levels are little set puzzles with one set path to victory, while others are sprawling complexities with a ridiculous number of combinations. Each level tracks how many Bots you have surviving, so even if you manage to defeat all the opposition, you may be able to do it in a better way to save more of your team and attain the elusive 3 star rating.

Custom Level Designer: Challenge others to beat your levels!

A detailed level designer also allows you to create your own puzzles for others to try… once you’ve managed to beat them yourself of course. ‘Uploading’ the level copies the level data into your clipboard so you can email it / share it by pasting it there.

The game also features a funkily hypnotic soundtrack specially made for the game by Smoke Thief. You can get a reworked version of the O.S.T. as an EP here.