Cadavers – the Card Game

We were delighted to be approached by Matt Hardy and Ed Bentley of MadRobotComics to work with them on a game version of their awesome comic series ‘Cadavers’.

(Box art not final)


What kind of game is it?

‘Cadavers – the Card Game’ is a co-operative game for 1-5 players

When will it be released?

When it’s finished! The main game mechanics are sound, it’s just a matter of refining and balancing things now. We’ve been heavily play-testing and implementing changes based on this.

What’s the gameplay like?

The game sees each player taking on the role of one of the Cadavers, attempting to smash through the hordes of henchmen defending their insidious nemesis Marckus North. An innovative disguise mechanic controls which actions players can take on their turn, as well as how the henchmen react to them. Each Cadaver has a squad of enemies pursuing them and must look after themselves but also watch the backs of their team-mates. Players must carefully collude to utilise their different character quirks to best advantage, combining attacks, items and a number of super-powers.

Tell me more about the comic!

Matt and Ed are currently Kickstarting the second issue of the 5 part adventure. Take a look here (you can get hold of the first issue as part of your pledge).

Each issue shows the story from the perspective of one of the 5 Cadavers and slowly reveals more of the plot. It’s all very crazy and very clever.

Keep me in the loop!

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