Colour Chess + Lure

Following our successful Kickstarter campaign, we will be going into production soon. You can pre-order your copy from our shop, so that you get it sent to you as soon as they’re printed.

Colour Chess and Lure are stand-alone games that can be combined, with adjustable gaming setups allowing for complexity to suit anything from kids to experts.


Setting up the board

A fully modular board of tiles, held together with a jigsaw frame, allows you to create any layout you want and means that every game plays differently. With two of you placing the tiles, you’ll be ready and playing in a minute or two (unless you’re busy making pretty patterns!)


The quickest way to get started – just place the tiles in randomly.


Spend some time creating a visually pleasing board.

It’s not just for looks either, patterned boards can create very interesting games!

The board above for example will create strong clustered play, with pieces defending or transferring between zones. Control of one colour will allow for a lot of forced sacrifices in Colour Chess. 


Although it looks random, this board was generated by players alternately placing pieces from their individual supply of tiles into their half of the board.

Here, spotting that the top player is short of light blue tiles, the bottom player has created a strong central base aiming to maximise the positioning of their non-pawn pieces and hopefully draw out some of the opponent’s long-range pieces into their trap. 

If they pursue this strategy, the top player will likely respond by using his blue weakness to develop his rooks early, and use them to support a central assault after drawing out the bottom player’s pawns on red. 


The game will have an adjustable frame, allowing you to create different sized game boards.

This is Double Swarm Colour Chess – Two sets combined to create an epic battlefield! 

Game Types

More detail will be revealed as we approach the kickstarter launch date on the 24th March, but these give you a quick overview of some of the different ways that you can play the game.

Colour Chess

The familiarity and tactics of Chess but with a colourful twist that adds a whole new way of thinking to the game.

“a tactically complex variant to the already highly taxing game Chess… definitely something new and unique.”

(quotes courtesy of Chris Bowler of the UK Gaming Media Network)

Swarm Colour Chess

A strangely strategic game where most of your pieces move during your turn.

Pieces are flippable to keep track of what can still move.

“what initially felt like chaos was in fact controllable, like conducting an orchestra, dozens of moving parts but over which you have full control.”


A stand-alone game of blocking, bluffing, manoeuvre and sacrifice, that plays on the same board as Colour Chess.

To win, capture pieces using your swords or get pieces to the opponent’s back row, whilst defending your own with your shields. Or risk an instant win with the king!

The game can be played very simply with just a king and a sword each while you are learning the game, making it accessible enough for young kids to play. As ability grows, you can add more pieces and even start introducing chess pieces to learn how they move.

“a very interesting, fast playing and strategic game that is easy to teach and play. If you are looking for an addictive abstract strategy game that can be played in less than fifteen minutes then you should give Lure a look.”


Colour Chess + Lure

Combine the pieces and game types!

Add the fluidly moving swords and shields into Colour Chess to create defensible bases, or add chess pieces into Lure to shake up the strategy.

Lots of shields creates slowly shifting positional play, while lots of swords leads to a more aggressive capture-orientated game.